Thursday, March 31, 2011

quick simple fun {possibly} free project!!!

Some of you may remember me talking about my real life BFF Jenn...Here we are in all our crazy glory one day acting like idiots. We're good at that.

Fun Fact #1: We've been BFF's for so long, I don't really remember a time in my life where we didn't know each other...we were itty-bitty and managed to stay friends through a LOT.

Fun Fact #2: There was a time when I wouldn't let Jenn in my kitchen to so much as boil a pot of water, and neither would anyone else. If they hadn't seen her catastrophic kitchen capers, they'd heard enough to know better. *grin*

Fun Fact #3: One day Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart flipped a switch in Jenn, and she became quite the little kitchen diva. Bakerella, if you will. Now she makes things like this:

and this:

and this:

I can attest to her baking abilities, although she's slowed down a tiny bit in recent months (sadness).

It seems that lately lots and lots of posters, canvases, wall art, etc. are featuring some spin on the "Keep Calm and Carry On" bit...and in a flash of LP Brilliance (that's me, y'all)...It hit me! I need to make one for Jenn! So I did...and ya know what? It was FREE.

All it took was my cruddy old laptop, colored cardstock (on hand), a picture frame (on hand), and my handy dandy printer (courtesy of the hubs working from home). The colors in Jenn's kitchen include a shade of blue as well as some stainless appliances so this was a perfect fit.

I used Word to type up my ingenious phrase perfect for my Bakerella BFF: Keep Calm and Bake On! I chose the font 'Fancypants' because...well...I like it, mmk? So here she is all framed up and pretty!

I think it turned out SUPER cute...and it was free!!! Jenn's happy to have it (I think hehe), and the hubs is happy I finally was willing to part with one of my zillions of empty picture frames! Win win!

Now I want to make one up for my kitchen...but I have noooo clue what I want it to say! Hmmm...I'm pondering "Keep Calm and Order Carryout"....whatcha think??? I would love to hear your ideas, or see them if you have made one!!! Leave them in a comment below or email me! I'd love to feature yours here!

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  1. I loooove the "Keep Calm and Order Carryout"!!! I say go with it!

  2. I have to second the "Order Carryout" given how well I know you! Though maybe "Keep Calm and Tip On" would work for frequent pizza orderers. (Hey guys, cut me some slack, I just bake stuff) I'd love to take on Bakerella as my nickname, but I bet one already exists...can I be Betty Stewart Meat-Cleaver instead? (Gotta throw the June Cleaver reference in there) Love ya, girl! Great piece--and thanks for the gift :)

  3. Keep Calm and Order Pizza. Keep Calm and Order In.


    I like the font you used!

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice!


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