Tuesday, March 22, 2011

colorful new upcycled wreath

At the urging of my BFF...and my bloggy BFF...and my hubby...

...and after feeling much more confident in my abilities thanks to the awesome comments & support from YOU, my readers...

I have decided to add a line to my shop...I'm calling it 'Door Decor'...and it will feature my upcycled wreaths...I have grand plans before Little Baby C arrives that involve getting many new wreaths made...maybe even some that are NOT round...

You heard me.

So I'd like to introduce you to Bloom...my very first, in-my-shop, let's-hope-she-sells, wreath...I hope you love her, she's been inciting spring fever around here as I worked with my windows ~open~...

Don't forget, my giveaway ends in about 3 hours!!! Go here to enter and by all means...tell your friends! :)


  1. Oooooo Ahhhhhh not round! I love it! I need to buy a big house down in SC to adorn with all these wreaths.

    I seriously cant wait till I get mine in the mail and Im sooooooo doing a blog arrival post!

    Wishing you much energy before Baby C gets here, so you can sit back and enjoy your success in the shop and at motherhood!


  2. this wreath is so lovely!!!! I so love it!


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