Friday, December 31, 2010

bringing in 2011

2010 has been a roller-coaster year for me and my family...I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. I hope 2011 will bring lots of new and exciting things for me, as well as all of you!

I'm not much of one to make resolutions, but one thing I would love to do is draw more readers and traffic to my blog. So if any of you out there reading have any ideas to help me with that, I'm always open to friendly advice! One thing I plan to do more of (aside from posting), is giveaways! I would love to give away items both of my creation and some of my awesome if any of you would like to participate, let me know :)

Please fan me on Facebook, and leave a little comment letting me know who you are (your blog ID), so I can fan you back and/or thank you! A giveaway just for Facebook fans is in the works for 2011...and the prize is one of my fabulous magazine bowls! Stay tuned...

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year's eve! Cheers!

Monday, December 27, 2010

I can't believe Christmas is over! It seems to go faster and faster each year! I'm trying to catch up on cleaning, and forget putting away Christmas decorations--I'm not even close to that yet! :) We had a white Christmas here in the Upstate (South Carolina) for the first time in 40+ years...being that I'm only 28, it's safe to say it was mine & my hubby's first and we loved it! I was excited to get a few neat and unexpected gifts to add to my craft arsenal! I'll be blogging about that later...for now I'll leave you with a rare pic of me (I say rare because it's snowing, it's on Christmas, and well, I'm 5 months pregnant lol). Hope everyone is ready to ring in 2011!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Linky Fun: Things you should know about me if we're gonna be BFF...

Sweet Little Miss Momma. Love her blog and would love to meet her. She did this fabulous post and got this ball rolling and I couldn't here's some things you need to know about me...if we're gonna be BFF *wink*...

--I am an only child. I spent years needling my mom over whether I was adopted because I am the only fair skinned, redheaded, left-handed person we know of. Actually, no one else is redheaded OR left-handed so I'm pretty much odd chick out.

--My mom was a SAHM and she wasn't afraid to let me make a mess and be creative. I think it's 100% the reason I love to be artsy and crafty now...I am all kinds of happy when I can throw myself into a project...

--I'm new to being a "regular blogger" and I have no clue how to do a lot of things. Links, link parties, all these things confuse me, but I'm *really* trying. *smile* I would love to have more followers but I'm super worried that my blog bores people, so I get self-conscious and don't post as much as I would/should.

--I'm envious of people that can sew (more than a straight stitch like me), paint, and sculpt. I just don't have what it takes. (namely, patience)

--I am the worst math student you'll ever find but I could write you an English paper on virtually any subject or novel and ace it. Blindfolded. My nickname growing up was 'Miss English Major' because I was horrible about correcting grammar. And pronunciation. And enunciation.

--I have 5 dogs and a mini-rex bunny rabbit. Their names are Tigger, Bear, Jasper, Doc, White Dog (long story), and Bunny Bunny. If I won the lottery I would buy a huge piece of land and build a massive barn-like structure with heat & AC to house adult doggies with no place to go. They would have their own little "apartments" and friends and lots and lots of love.

--I married my best friend. I didn't realize it at first. I have an awesome girlfriend who has been my BFF since we were toddlers...but my hubby? He is IT.

--Speaking of my BFF, she's also a lefty. We both had glasses forever (God bless contacts) and really long hair...and as a result of having been so close for so long, have lots of the same mannerisms. As a result, people often ask us if we're sisters. We don't really see it :)

--I love Google Reader and think that I could hole up all day reading blogs. I love it. I follow so many of y'all and think, man they are SO creative. Every now and then I get all pumped that I came up with a great idea and realize--oops. Nope. Someone totally beat me to it.

--I really love football. I prefer college, but I watch NFL with my hubby too. Clemson is my favorite college team and I really like the Indianapolis Colts.

--I got to spend two weeks with my hubby in Hawaii (he had to go for work, real bummer right?) and it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I've been in the South my whole life, and really feel my area is super friendly...but Honolulu put us to shame. There was never a single person who wasn't super nice and friendly...and everything was so GREEN. Gorgeous. I want to go back again and again.

--I'm not easily intimidated by people. Not their size, their attitude, doesn't really matter. As a result most people's initial reaction is that I'm stuck up. But you give them a bug to chase me with and I'll run so fast it'll light the ground on fire. NO BUGS.

--I have an obsession with checking the mailbox each day. I love to check the mail, I don't know why.

--I write letters and send packages to soldiers deployed overseas and I have never met a single one in person...but I love them all for what they do for me, and for my country.

--Of all the things that worry me, scare me, freak me out, etc. etc. (and there's a few)...labor & delivery trumps them all. I'm a little over 5 months pregnant for the first time and the thought of an epidural, and labor, and pushing, and spending the night (nights?) in the hospital? It's nearly panic-inducing. I don't know why.

--I'm obsessed with shoes. I have shoes on top of shoes on top of shoes. I cannot say enough about them so I won't try ;-)

--Ranch dressing should be considered it's own food group. I can't live without it.

--My husband is a nerd. But he is MY nerd and I love him.

--I was a 'band nerd' in high school (color guard but hey, the haters didn't discriminate). I loved it. I got the biggest rush from performing in front of all those people.

--I am the most un-athletic person, ever. However, my husband plays basketball (for fun now), my mom used to play tennis, and my dad lettered in track (and played tennis, and football) for my future-son's sake, I hope he takes after all of them.

--I really, really love to make lists (can't you tell?).

--My super awesome grandmother, MaMa (like Ma Ma, not momma), started teaching me to drive in a cemetery near her house...when I was about 11. It was hilarious but I was really good. She said if I ever accidentally hit anything (back then, it was mostly trees) she'd say a bee flew in the window and scared her into wrecking.

--My hubby supports me unlike anyone I know. He has sacrificed HIS favorite things (uh, going to football games, hello hehehe) just to take me to a craft show and set up and sit with me. Or take me to Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I adore him.

--I love reading random facts about people (ahem, like this)...and I know as soon as I hit "publish" and go check out everyone else's blog, I'll think of another 50 things I should've said :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Something to see...

...I cannot even tell you how obsessed I am with Google Reader. I have so many blogs I follow and each day I look forward to spending some nice quality time catching up on all of the blogs. Some days I get so busy that by the time I settle it to peek at what's new, I end up with 100+ new posts! It's like candy for my eyes, and for my creativity. Love. It. But that's not the purpose of my post here :)

I was paging through posts the other day and stumbled across this fantastic blog that was mentioned in a post...with a super cute name: Little Miss Momma. I immediately loved the blog! Hop on over and check her out here:

While scrolling through her blog, I saw a post about this awesome bag she'd recently received and you can peek at that here: Well, THAT in turn lead me to a sweet little place on Etsy, called Aubrey Plays. Hello, can you say "adorable bags" (and more!)....? After seeing Little Miss Momma with her bag, I decided my little guy due in April needed his diapers carried in I am treating myself to a creation by Aubrey herself and I can't *wait* to receive it. I will have to post some pictures when it arrives, and please check out the embroidery!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am a blessed crafty chick :)

As you may know from my (numerous) previous posts, I'm doing a giveaway for all you lovelies out there who fan me on Facebook! Today is the last day, so if you're interested in winning, please fan me and you'll be entered into the drawing!

The 'blessed' portion of my post comes in here...I realized today that several of my friends have suggested my page to THEIR friends...and it means a lot! When you're passionate about something and want to get the word out about it, having friends that will shout from the Facebook rooftops to help you get noticed means a lot (okay okay, so they might win something, but still!). So all those of you who read this blog, fanned me, and support me, I thank you!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Upcycled Mini Cards & Envelopes

A few months ago I borrowed my mom's Sizzix to play around with. I found a cute set of dies that cut mini envelopes and cards and wondered...what to use? Magazines, of course! I had all these colorful pages laying around, waiting to be made into a bowl...only I didn't feel quite like making a bowl. After a little manipulating and maneuvering, I figured out the best way to line up the pictures on the pages I like to actually be the focus of the envelope and card. My favorite set thus far is made up of various watches, designer ones at that, so they're pretty easy on the eyes! :) I think they're the perfect size to tuck into a gift, purse, lunchbox, name it! You can check out the sets in my shop:

And there will be more of these to come! What is your favorite item in my shop so far?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

so I'm having a...

...boy! I have to admit I'm a little...overwhelmed. I always assumed I'd have a girl. I'm froofy and frilly and dirt to me belongs outside not on hands and frogs and worms aren't cute unless they're fake...HA. :) So now I'm brainstorming ideas...being able to make things is such a big part of who I am, so I really want to be able to create things for my little one to have in his room. As of now, the only thing I've really fallen in love with, is creating these lamps:

I think the idea is genius, and I plan to tweak this fab tutorial a bit so I don't have to sew ;-) I think mixing fabrics such as minky, corduroy, and soft cottons will really add interest to the shades, don't you think?

So now, lovely readers....what are YOUR ideas for baby boy's room? Anything you have a tutorial for that I may be interested in? Please share them! Link them up in a comment, I would love to see your ideas!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

what's new...and a giveaway!

Hey y'all! A bit sidelined today with a headache, didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. I did manage to upload 3 new bobby's to Etsy, you can peek at one above or visit my shop to see them all :) Hopefully in the very-near-future I'll be able to post some necklaces with these rosettes as well, however this weekend is a full one for me! (on a side note, tomorrow we find out the sex of our first kiddo that's on the way, I'm nervous!)

On to other things! Many of you have fan pages on Facebook for your do I :) I would love to see your pages, so please feel free to leave a comment with a link to your page. I'm really hoping to garner more attention to my Etsy shop, as well as to my fan I've decided that perhaps a giveaway is in order!!! Here is what you need to do: between today, 12/9 through next Wednesday, 12/15, send fans to my page. If your friends like what they see and would like to fan me, you or they *must* leave a comment saying who sent them. :) The more people you send, the more entries you will receive in the giveaway. If you'd like a bonus entry, add my shop,, to your favorite shops on Etsy. Make sure and let me know (either here, or on my fan page) who you are so I can count you :) Here is a link to my fan page:

So the big question...what are you working for??? :) For now that's under wraps...

Craft Swap @ The T-Shirt Diaries!

I'm just dipping my toes into regularly blogging about crafts...My bestie introduced me to the wonderful world that is Google Reader, and I am obsessed! There are so many fabulous blogs out there, just waiting to be discovered (including mine, I hope, ha!). I stumbled across Robin and her fun blog, The T-Shirt Diaries! I browsed for a while and then got brave--I signed up for her Holiday Craft Swap! I have never done anything like this, and thought, you know what? Why not! How much fun is it to get something in the mail, knowing it is some sort of crafty goodness...but you don't know what!

I got hooked up with the fabulous Michelle of Mich L. in L.A.! You can find her blog here:

I apologize for not having a picture yet, but it is coming, I promise! I'm late posting this entry and want good light to showcase my goodies I received! I love jewelry, and recycling projects, and Michelle does this in such a fun way. Not only did she send me some awesome earrings she made, but some fun beads and--get this--A SLINKY!--to make my own earrings from! How fun is this?

It's too late to participate in this year's Holiday Swap...but you should hop over to and take a peek! Thanks Robin and Michelle for a fun time!

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Magazine Bowls and Treasuries, oh my!

Wow! I have made dozens of magazine bowls by now, and sold a few over the last couple of years...but today, I listed one of my largest made to date in my new Etsy shop, ShenanAgains. Hours later, I received notice that it has been featured in a treasury! I am so very excited! You can take a peek at the beautiful treasury here:

Workin' Hard...

...or hardly working??? It seems that the worst part of creating things, is the photography side of it. While I relish the time I'm able to spend creating something new from something old, or a fun piece of jewelry, the inevitable must be photographed for Etsy! Surely I am not the only one who detests this??? :) On the bright side, the light through my kitchen window was great this afternoon, and I was able to load many new items on Etsy. One new jewelry piece on beadsbuttonsbubbles, and several different items to ShenanAgains. Take a peek!

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Bobby Pins!!!

I hate to toot my own horn...but I am so in love with my newest creation. I realize that rosettes have been all the rage in the handmade world for a while now. Many fellow Etsy-ians are much more talented than I when it comes to fashioning them into some lovely piece of art. But this week, I sat down and learned how to make them for myself, and thought, what better way to keep to my new shop's theme (upcycled/recycled), than to use my stash of men's ties!!! I've been hoarding ties for a while now. A Miracle Hill close by had a special on them last year, only $1 each!!! I was a regular :) So I dug through my tote and selected a few that I thought would be interesting twisted into a little flower. I managed to make 8 of these little beauties in the last couple of days, and am proud to have gotten them all listed in my second Etsy shop today. Please take a peek at them here and tell me what you think:

Also, I wanted to share some of my favorite rosette finds from Etsy today!

Gorgeous satin necklace, perfect for the holidays! From BellaFleur1:

Elegant Black & White Bib necklace from cuzzi83:

Beautiful brooch featuring a skull! So original! From LyBly:


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So...I made a wreath!

Went to help the parents with Christmas decorating last night, and swiped a brand-new roll of wire-edged ribbon. All cute and modern, with abstract trees and pointy-toe stockings! Love it! I had a wreath form hanging around so I wrapped that ribbon around it. I dug through my stash of craft supplies and found some Christmas buttons from last year, a $1 bin polka dot ribbon from Michael's, and some floral brads for scrapbooking (um, yeah, I don't scrapbook, don't ask). Am I the only one who arranges and rearranges things before gluing and pinning??? Anyway, I finally settled on something and you can see it right here :) Merry Christmas, y'all!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paper Tree

A few weeks ago I happened to find a tutorial to make a Christmas tree from scrapbook papers or cardstock. I filed it away 'to do' not sure when or if I'd make it for this season. My sweet grandmother is turning 90 tomorrow and is now in a nursing home...I wanted to give her a little something so I decided to try my hand at one of these trees. She doesn't have any real space to "decorate" for Christmas so I thought this was perfect to sit on her nightstand. I think it turned out pretty cute! I wanted to embellish it more but ran out of time. I think it would be really cute with some buttons maybe :) Go figure...buttons? Me? Anyway, here are some pictures and here is the link to the tutorial I found:

I wasn't able to figure out how to contact them, so I hope it's okay to link them here since I'm not using it for commercial purposes :) If you try one, please send a picture! I'd love to see!

***Please excuse the poor quality photos; I had to use my phone since I forgot to take better ones before dropping it off.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Long time, No see...

WOW...has it really been since 8/09 that I posted??? I'm horrible :) In my defense, I must say, a lot has happened. I started a new job, finished my 2 year degree, my grandmother fell & took a turn for the worse...By 8/10, I was no longer employed, and my grandmother is now in a nursing home. My husband & I are expecting our first child this spring. I am still very much alive and crafting :) I realized after I signed up for a craft swap over at I have majorly neglected this blog!!! So if any of my followers out there are still peeking in on me, thanks! I'll try to be more diligent about posting.