Thursday, December 9, 2010

Craft Swap @ The T-Shirt Diaries!

I'm just dipping my toes into regularly blogging about crafts...My bestie introduced me to the wonderful world that is Google Reader, and I am obsessed! There are so many fabulous blogs out there, just waiting to be discovered (including mine, I hope, ha!). I stumbled across Robin and her fun blog, The T-Shirt Diaries! I browsed for a while and then got brave--I signed up for her Holiday Craft Swap! I have never done anything like this, and thought, you know what? Why not! How much fun is it to get something in the mail, knowing it is some sort of crafty goodness...but you don't know what!

I got hooked up with the fabulous Michelle of Mich L. in L.A.! You can find her blog here:

I apologize for not having a picture yet, but it is coming, I promise! I'm late posting this entry and want good light to showcase my goodies I received! I love jewelry, and recycling projects, and Michelle does this in such a fun way. Not only did she send me some awesome earrings she made, but some fun beads and--get this--A SLINKY!--to make my own earrings from! How fun is this?

It's too late to participate in this year's Holiday Swap...but you should hop over to and take a peek! Thanks Robin and Michelle for a fun time!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hi, Leighann! So happy you are enjoying the bits and pieces. This is my first craft swap, I love the concept and am so happy Robin initiated it. Feliz Navidad! p.s. you have such a cute blog, loving the craftiness.


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