Thursday, May 28, 2009

my productive day...

...included making 8 pair of earrings :) I'm really excited to have so many done, because I intend to take a ton of them to Black Mtn. with me next week. I really love all of them, but the fish are just too cute. You can go here to check them out:

Be sure to heart me :) I hope you see something you can't live without!


So...I went up to Mac's house today to do some crafting/jewelry making. I managed to make around 6-7 pair of earrings up there, way more than I ever accomplish here at home! Woo hoo :) So that was awesome...but then...THEN...I come home and my oh porch was overflowing with deliveries :) Yessss!!!

Among my lovely treasures were my latest order of business cards; my dried herbs (lavender, chamomile, mint leaves); my *new* suspension soap base; my apricot seed meal and orange peel; my crinkle cutter; a scale; two soap molds...the list goes on! I am so thrilled to have all of my supplies here a full week before the fair! I should have plenty of time to get all of my yummy new stuff made! I plan to make coffee soap, several exfoliating soaps for both bath & body, new bath teas...It's gonna be greaaaat! *does a little happy dance* I'll keep y'all updated and post pictures soon :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

try, try again...

I am trying valiantly to get the house cleaned up before the hubby leaves tomorrow, because I need dust & dirt free space to work on all my projects for the craft fair!!! I have less than 2 weeks now to get ready for this thing, and it has really sneaked up on me. Many thanks to June Cleaver who has volunteered her services while the hubby is out of town...Now here's a little something to induce a giggle, and I'm back to work.

Blog Feature

I met this awesome chick on Etsy, ambientgirldesigns. Not only was she super cool, but she made the most awesome cards! So I enlisted her creative abilities to make some super cool bands & labels for my soap and scrubs. Through this we began chatting and I'm happy to have a new Etsy friend :) We chat regularly and she's awesome. She was kind enough to feature me on her blog today, and I would love to share that with can check it out here:

Also, here's a picture of some of her work for me, I can't wait to see them in person!

off the beaten (soap) path

I seem to have this obsession with making earrings lately. I don't know what it is. I never remember to wear any of my own, yet I find myself obsessively buying beads to MAKE more earrings...I sat down last night and made two pair...not phenomenal and certainly not as intricate as another certain friend creates...but I really like them...However, I am seriously looking forward to three awesome deliveries this week: soap supplies!!! Yessss...I ordered a ton of things to get some new suds bubbling and hopefully make my first fair of the season and blistering success...

Monday, May 25, 2009

a starting point

I guess this can be a starting point for my crazy craft obsession. I have tackled Etsy & Bonanzle; I have a few craft fairs under my belt; may as well start blogging about it right? There is no telling what will show up on this blog, but hopefully I can be faithful enough to keep my readers (I hope I will have readers...somewhere) entertained with my craziness...there's no telling where this will lead, but I promise to try to entertain!