Monday, March 21, 2011

nursery art reveal...and more giveaways!

Hey y'all!

Spring Fling is wide open and I am lovin' it! New day, new giveaways! And they're so good, I'm gonna enter them myself! :)

Don't forget, my giveaway is open until midnight EST March can find it here if you've not entered yet!

Now for today's new giveaways:

From Suze @ Time Well Spent, you can enter to win a *custom* tutu for your lil' sweetie, AND a set of matching bows!!! Go enter now!!!

And...from Shawna @ A Very Dandoislion Life, you can enter to win a set of *gorgeous* hair accessories including a head band, bobby pins, and more! Head over and visit Shawna to enter now!!!

Welcome to all of my new followers :) I wanted to share a quick peek into our nursery--still a work in progress...I still promise a reveal as soon as it's done...which better be fast because I am 6 weeks from my due date!
(insert panicked hysteria here)

For those of you who are new, or maybe missed it in my other post, I came up with the idea of having 8x10 canvases painted by people that are special to my hubby and me, and thus will be to our son as well...we're doing a jungle-type theme, but what went on the canvas was up to each individual, and we tried to stick to a particular set of coordinating are all of our fabulous pieces, finally done and hung in Colston's room!

Our 'artists' range in age from 4 years to...well, I won't say ;) My momma might be mad...but the point is, I love the diversity in the paintings, and I hope my son will too...something he can keep and treasure that no one else has!

Happy Monday to all of y'all, and don't forget...Spring Fling is on through April 2nd, so check back right here each day for more giveaway fun!!!


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