Monday, July 25, 2011

highs & lows 7.25

Joining up to Jen's highs & lows par-tay.


~Got a belated birthday card in the mail from my sis-in-law...with a $50 AmEx gift card. Yay!

~Discovered Pioneer Woman & her recipes. Seriously?! How have I lived without knowing about her food...! Eesh.

~After our "vacation" last week (all 14 hours of it), we found & booked a new place to stay. I think it looks nice, cozy, and CLEAN. See?


~My 5 day vacation became 14 measly hours due to--well, you can read about it here, if you've not yet had the pleasure. Have popcorn ready.

~Ants took over my pantry. All of the food is on a folding table in the kitchen while we kill the little you-know-whats. It stinks. Why does bug spray have to smell so bad?

~My dad's father died on Saturday. My parents had left Thursday for their first vacation in 6 years (since my grandmother, rest her soul, got sick)...and ended up coming home Friday night. He passed on Saturday at home. I was not really close to him at all; but still, he was my dad's father and I'm sad for my daddy. This makes the 3rd death in our families (mine & hubby's) since June 14. It's really taking a toll.


  1. Yay for gift cards! And I have visited Pioneer Woman a couple times ages ago, but I think I need to revisit her. Everyone loves her!

    And sorry to hear about each of your lows. That's a bunch of bummers.

  2. It's so funny when I think I'm like..the only person in the world who knows about how awesome a certain blog is and then I find out that she has like 175,000 followers or something. Pioneer Woman rocks!
    I'm sorry for yet another loss. I wish I could send you all of my very healthy relatives that I can't stand. Maybe you'd like them. ;P

  3. I'm sorry for you guys..

    Hey, your blog rocks! :P Loved it.



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