Sunday, April 10, 2011

what a haul!!!

Hey y'all!!!

So this totally isn't craft related...but...I wanted to share!

My hubby has been helping his dad haul some trees off and split the wood. We decided that since our woodstove has never really worked properly, we'd take it out and get doors to have a regular wood-burning fireplace come this winter. father-in-law offered us "some" wood. I knew it would be coming in huge logs, needing to be split and chopped...but this is far more than I expected us to get--and for free!

This is the stack that has been split & chopped:

This madness is what my poor hubby still has to do:

And this is one of the pieces that rolled off the pile--mondo big!

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  1. That's a lot of wood. It will be great this fall.

  2. Oh I so remember when my dad would chop and we would have to stack. Wow that is a lot of wood.


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