Tuesday, May 17, 2011

random 10 on Tuesday

What's on my mind today runs the gamut from vacation to projects to...sleep???

What is sleep??? Having a newborn is seriously redefining the way I look at that precious commodity.

I can't *wait* for my next vacation...with the hubby & Baby C, hopefully to Charleston...and hopefully this summer.

I have a feeling my next water bill is going to be through the roof...thanks to my post-baby body fitting into only oh, 3 things in my closet, and lots and lots of baby...stuff.

I feel like I eat ALL. THE. TIME. I hear this is common with breast feeding...maybe the hubby will take me back to The Melting Pot ;)

Ever since I got pregnant, my brain has this annoying habit of conjuring up songs that stay there...for days. Like Avril Lavigne. I really don't like Avril Lavigne, so why are her songs all up in my head?!

I'm in love with my new curtains in my made-over kitchen (I need to do a post on that!)...I made them using this fabric...and NO SEWING!!!

I'm not ready for summer to be over...but I can't *wait* for football season!!!

I have this pic filed away in my "inspiration" folder...I can't remember whose closet it is, someone rich and famous no doubt...but if anyone would like to come make mine over into this, I'll take it!!!

I miss being Micro (and Anatomy!) lab nerds with this chick. She's pretty awesome...and sadly, I kinda miss classes too!

Every now and then...I miss my short hair. So I browse some of the pictures from back in the day of short hair...and remember why I grew it out ;)



  1. I don't have kids yet, but I loooooove sleeping...is that sad to admit, ha?? So I don't know how I will survive when I do have them! ;-) I'm taking my mom to the Melting Pot this weekend as a belated Mother's Day gift, and I'm definitely excited to go. I've only been once before, but it was so good! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I miss our school days!! :)


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