Monday, May 2, 2011

Guest Post: What Kind of Bag Do You Carry?

{Please welcome my bloggy BFF Melanie, she's kind enough to be guest-posting for me while I'm on bloggy maternity leave :) }

Hey everyone...Melanie from Lucky 7 Design .....nice to be here! I've always wanted to be A Crafty Southern Chick so today I'm in LP's spot so she can rest up. I thought I would post about some baby things since #1 that's the reason I'm here because Baby C has arrived. #2 I am the Mama of 5 so I know a thing or two about babies!

Diaper bags have come a long way baby! But I'm still not the diaper bag toting kind of mom....never have been, never will be. Although I am the mama of 5 children, only 2 of them make it mandatory for me to carry a separate bag filled with cheerios, juice, milk, diapers, wipes, crayons, paper and everything else under the sun. lol

I've had totes, beach bags, Chinese fabric backpack, a BabyPhat large tote and recently I'm rocking an UNBELIEVABLE flea market find from 1 year ago. It got it's 1st use the day we went to NYC to be on The Nate Berkus show...I got many compliments on it!

The way I discovered my find was that I was walking around our local flea market (and it is usually filled with new stuff for sale), the junk is all the way in the back. So as we are walking around....I spot at least 30 feet apart a leopard something hanging on the chain link fence.

Here she is.....

Do you know who she is........

DVF....yes it's Diane von Furstenberg!'s my hot mama baby bag.

This red lining is so delicious!

This bag is vintage, It has never been used and it came with the booklet and the strap all in plastic! SHUT UP.....who has found a treasure like that in a New Jersey flea market.

So what kind of mama bag do you carry? Is it the traditional, is it funky? If I knew how to do a linky party I would host one! Anybody want tell me



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  1. Congrats to you LP....she had a baby boy! God Bless her, hubs and her amazingly handsome newborn son!

    Lucky 7 Design


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