Monday, May 23, 2011

my cheater, no-sew curtains

I have a love/hate relationship with sewing. These days...I love to hate it.

So there.

In the midst of our kitchen re-do (one day, I WILL do a before/after post on that), I found some fab-u-lous fabric at Wal-Mart that I loved for kitchen curtains.

I fully intended to sew them...really. I had the best intentions. But you know...I was also 9 months pregnant and really not in the mood to re-acquaint myself with my mother's Singer.

Instead...I turned to...

Yep. I totally cheated, and ironed myself some curtains.

With my super sweet hubby's help (I really suck at measurements and whatnot), I made these two long panels for over the kitchen sink...

And I made a small valance for our window behind our kitchen table.

Then I remembered I had some jumbo polka dot fabric in my stash that matches our porch-turned-room decor so I made some valances for those windows as well!

Three in total for this room.

The Stitch Witchery is super inexpensive and easy to use. One roll of the heavy duty strength made all of the kitchen curtains and I was able to start on the three polka dot valances!

I really encourage you to try this out! Make sure you do your side "seams" and bottom "hem" first, before you make your top pocket for your rod to slide through :)

I'd love to see your projects using Stitch Witchery!

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  1. Those are way cute...I may need to do this instead of sawing curtains for my kids' room!

  2. Love this...your such a crafty mama!
    I hate sewing so much. I either buy on sale of use napkins, placements and whatever else I can. lol

    Lucky 7 Design

  3. cute!!! i suck at sewing. bah. my kind of project :)

  4. That is a great idea! I have the same love/hate relationship with sewing and I need a kitchen valance too! I might just have to copy you on this one. :) I'll add it to my Tutorials TO DO page.

    Thanks for sharing over at Weekend Warrior. See you next week. :)


  5. Great job on these - I loved stitch witchery before I became a sewing fanatic. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  6. Love these!! Great job! Perfect for a craft failure such as myself!


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