Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Upcycled Tie Rosette Necklace

I have a minor obsession with men's ties...It all started when I was browsing Etsy a few years ago and noticed people making all sorts of things with them...tree skirts, bags, prom dresses even! The ideas and the talent were astounding...So off to thrift stores I went, in search of some ties to make who-knows-what with. One of the local Miracle Hill stores had theirs on special for a few weeks in a row--$1 each! I went every Saturday for ummm...a few too many Saturdays. Whoops.

Fast forward to late 2010 and I had amassed a large Rubbermaid tote full of men's, cotton, polyester plaid, stripes, polka dots, music notes, paisley...and let's be honest. Some of them are *really* ugly. I decided to start with the ugly ducklings first...and made several bobby pins and a couple of brooches...but nothing for myself. So I picked out two obscenely ugly blue and yellow ties that I figured hey, if I do this, and it's absolutely horrific (because the ties were amazingly awful) or a complete mess (because I'd never made a necklace this way before), then who cares!

Turns out, the result is pretty darn cute!

Since it was for me, I didn't bother with a clasp or closure...just measured the chain according to where I wanted it to sit and voila! Or...wa-laaa! :)

I have since played around with an astronomically horrid looking Tommy tie and have found that it made a super cute rosette...the bold colors and mini-paisley print on a tie? Ew. But twist that silk into a flower and it really pops!

What have you made or transformed that started out so ugly you had your doubts??? Anything? Just me?

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  1. Beautiful! I love it!! I would never have guessed those used to be 'horrid' ties! I have been looking for cheap ties as well. I really want to make one of those tie wreaths, have you seen them around? So cute as well!

  2. I thought the fabric was so pretty...never wouldve guess it was an ugly tie in a former life. lol I love the idea of a rosette necklace. I make the rosettes for my pillows but have never figured how to put them together.

  3. i love this! so fun! im excited to follow your blog and start catching up on your posts!

  4. Love this cute necklace. Found you from T&J. Consider linking up with us at I Made It! Monday at Ninth Street Notions.

  5. Really great recycle project! Those rosettes would be cute as hair clips or pins too!

  6. Awesome job! I would love to see a tutorial on this. I imagine you cut the ties up? Thanks for linking up!

  7. I'd love for you to come link up at Inspire Me Mondays


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