Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what's shakin?

Sooo...being that Michael's & *especially* Hobby Lobby are basically my second home...I tend to uh, buy stuff. A lot. Like hit up the clearance section in every HL store (I have 3 in my area lol) and M's and just stock up on stuff that I don't have a project for at the moment, but just *know* I can "do something" with. So last night I'm watching Colbert in Iraq (unusual for me, not my typical type to watch, but the hubs was interested) and thought...hmmm. I should be making something. So I whip out these super cute paisley chipboards I got at Michael's for a song, and decided they'd make super cute magnets. I just have this thing with magnets. I've made them from buttons before, and I just think it's a really cute thing to have--pretty, fun, fashionable magnets. I mean, why not, right? So I get out my oodles of buttons, and start embellishing with my trusty super glue and voila! Cute magnets! They are not yet listed in my store, but should be in the next day or so :) Just a fun, inexpensive treat for someone or to give to someone else! And speaking of buttons...oh my. I DO LOVE BUTTONS. I have developed a button obsession, you might say. They don't have to be fancy or vintage, just pretty & eyecatching and I'm hooked. Yesterday I was perusing Etsy for buttons when I came across this store...*sigh* If you love buttons, or even if you don' MUST check out forsythecompanystore on Etsy! SO much to choose from, and super friendly as well. Needless to say, I made a purchase :) You can visit them here:


  1. I have a MAJOR button obsession, it's becoming a problem, haha. Great shop thanks!

  2. Bigfish has really great buttons too.


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