Friday, June 26, 2009

long time, no blog

Hello, all! It's been too long since I wrote apparently! A week, wow...I set up a small booth at a shop here and so far, only 1 sale. Things are super slow there, and while I didn't really expect to sell out, I was sort of hoping for a few sales at least...Other than that...I can complain about people on Etsy who make 'special requests'...ARGH! I welcome them, I enjoy them...but for the love of all that is holy...why do people request something and then NOT PAY?! I got what I needed (had to go search for it, no less), made them, put them up (earrings) within 24 hours of the request...and I've yet to hear back from the person...Seriously?

Hopefully I'll have some new pics up soon for you to take a look at, in the mean time...I hope all is well in your worlds!


  1. Sorry things are slow. I think they are slow ETSY.

  2. It was very slow for me too but then I had 3 ETsy sales last night. Except the person of course has yet to pay.


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