Friday, June 12, 2009

what's the deal with etsy...

My bestie & myself both have Etsy stores. We promo each others stores on our shop announcement. Often times, we end up making similar earrings because we have such common tastes & ideas...however, it seems that her store sells more, hands down, by random people finding, clicking, and buying, than what I do...why? She and I were discussing this today, and we can't really determine the issue here...I use as many tags as I can, I feel like my prices are competitive with other (similar) items...what gives? It doesn't really make sense to me...we have literally had the same item in both shops and hers will have tons and tons of views while mine...will have 3. It's so strange to does that happen? Perhaps I need to promote more...but I don't know where or how! This is truly bothering me...


  1. You just have to promote, promote, promote. I hope my blog feature helps you!

    Good luck!

  2. Sorry I thought you were someone else!!!

  3. I know it can be frustrating. Is there a more frequent listing with the shop that sells more? I have been told it is important to list every day...which I do not...but I wonder if it is true or just a way to get listing.

  4. I renew items every day...when I remember lol. It does help since it moves your items up in the search results...


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