Friday, June 19, 2009

what's new...

Hello my faithful followers lol :) Hope all is well in your worlds as this week draws to a close. This has been a busy few days for me! I was surprised and happy to have 2 totally random earring sales on Etsy this week (yay!!!) and got some great news on Wednesday...A new little shop is opening up in the downtown area of a town about 10 miles from me...we call it TR...anywho, Mac & I stopped in on Weds. and as luck would have it, the owner happened to have space for my soap! So I went up today and set up a small-ish corner shelf with some soap, bath tea, and recycled magazine bowls...they opened about 3 weeks ago but tomorrow is the official 'Grand Opening' of the shop! I am so excited! The booth rent & fees are exceptionally reasonable and I think the store as a whole is going to be really successful...So hopefully I will be able to have a little place for my soap to really reach customers...because Lord knows, it isn't on Etsy :( But this news has really put a spark in my week and I hope that I'll have more good news to report in the days & weeks to come!


  1. YAY! Tomorrow will be fabulous! Love ya!

  2. Thanks so much y'all!!! :)

  3. Hey congrats on the random purchases! Isn't that the most exciting thing?! And good luck on that soap in that new store! And thank you so much for joining my blog! (:


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