Friday, March 18, 2011

Rockin' Repurposed Wreath

One of the fabulous things (in my opinion) about blogging, is that you can meet so many different people, from all over the world...and you never know who you might 'click' with. For me, one of the sweetest people I've met has also quickly become a follower, a fan, a friend, and she is always incredibly supportive of me--Melanie, of Lucky 7 Design.

You may have seen my post about making this wreath for my front door...I wanted to solely use the thrifted clothing from my craft stash and so I randomly put together pieces that coordinated until I came up with this:

When Melanie saw it, she was-as always-super complimentary and proclaimed: make me one! So we got to discussing colors and ironically...the inspiration was sitting my front well as hers. Turns out we both have this same bird bath from Lowe's. So yesterday I set out to create another repurposed wreath for her.

Am I the only one who feels enormous pressure when creating a custom order for someone you know?! Geez Louise! My hubby kept saying "you are too hard on yourself!" I guess I am...but I feel the bar is raised a bit when someone approaches you and says, 'you did this, I love it, I want something like it'...Maybe I'm just realllllly type A.

So I gathered all of the coordinating colors I liked, and made oodles of flowers, rosettes, and pom poms until I had enough to play around with. No idea in mind or pattern, I just started creating them until it seemed like enough. I ended up using each and every one I made.

For the upper left portion, I got stuck. I ranted about it and complained and my ever patient, sweet husband tossed out ideas left and right and finally, we settled on this--I say 'we', because the vine/flower bud idea was his :)

And here's a picture of the entire final piece....Which I admittedly now love...after swearing I had messed it up! I think my favorite things about it are the vine/bud combo; the pom-pom flower down to the right-middle; and the large one in the center of the vine...that particular flower is made from a gorgeous (thrifted!) stripe silk blouse and I love it. Melanie, I hope you love it too!

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  1. We are soul sistas! Another ironic thing...that's baby Kemorahs favorite song by Train. lol

    It is beautiful, awesome and you are sooo freakin creative to come up with that from me saying yea i'd like red,turquoise and some blue. What?

    Im supportive of you because I love your ideas and imagination. Your not only a crafty southern chick but a cool one too. So happy to have found you and hope to be in SC soon creating along side you one day.

    SUGGESTION: Start listing these bad boys in the shop because they are so cool. Me and the hubs agree on it!

    Lucky 7 Design

  2. I love it!! I'm really into wreaths lately, and this one is awesome. As to your lace wreath - wow! I've never thought of using lace on a wreath. Cool and creative. :)



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