Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thrifted Clothing Rosette Wreath

Not that I'm by any means "old" (whatever "old" is these days), but man oh man...I soooo hated wreaths when I was young. My mom is who I got my craftiness from...she was always making, creating, refashioning, SOMEthing...for someone, or herself, family, always. One of the things I can distinctly remember her doing is making wreaths...especially for our front door and my MaMa's front door (her mom). Big, small, holidays, flowers, bows, you name it. It became a don't get me wrong (Mom, I know you're reading this), it's not that they weren't pretty...but my momma will tell you I *hate* bows on things. I just do. I'm not a bow kinda girl. My momma loves bows and puts them on EVERYTHING. I like hair bows, I like bows on gifts, I even can handle bows for a baby's birth. I don't want bows a part of my decor...fine for you, and you, and YOU, but not me! Thus...I hated wreaths. Because all my momma's wreaths had a bow. Or so it seemed :)

So last night I decided to sit down and make a spring-y wreath for our door, one that would carry us into summer if need be...because with Colston arriving in April, I don't know that I'll get around to another one any time soon after. I wanted to strictly use thrifted and repurposed clothing from my craft stash--the same items I use to create the pieces I sell.

I used one of the hubby's old gray tees cut into thick strips to cover the entire wreath form...then 3/4 of that was topped of with thrifted, floral-print orange shirt I've been dying to find a use for. I love how it is stretchy and cotton, but with a lace appearance. So here you have that part, all covered, with the gray peeking through...

Then I picked out various other shirts to create rosettes. A turquoise tee, a multi-colored orange stripe tee, more of the lacy orange top and a silky button-up floral print top yielded me bunches of coordinating rosettes. Some were rolled, twirled, twisted. I really didn't have a specific idea or number or pattern...just kept making them until it seemed like enough :)

And ta-da! Here is the finished product. I didn't want you to see how grimy my front door is, so I photographed it on our fireplace just for you to see :) Considering how much of each of the shirts I have left, and their cost, including the cost of the wreath....It cost me less than $5 to make this! I'm pretty darn excited about it!

Have you made a wreath lately??? I'd love for you to comment with a link to your wreath post(s) if so...always love some inspiration!

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lace was sheer genius -- and the color combo is so flipping fun and perfect for spring AND summer! love it! =)

    I really need to showcase you on p&c one of these days -- bc you are BEYOND talented! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Your wreath is beautiful! I love the teal and the orange together.

    I also HATE bows on stuff. Ick.

  3. That is the cutest wreath ever! Love it!

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love how you like to repurpose old clothing. I do a lot of that!

    Here are a couple of the wreaths I have a tut for on my blog:

    I just wrote up one, but it's for a guest blog post, so it's not on my blog yet. It should be around the first part of April. :)


  6. This is so beautiful! I want to make one. I'm not sure how to do the rosettes. I saw your other one with little pom poms, too. Both are just so beautiful! Do you have a tutorial on how to make pom poms or rosettes?

  7. Funny...I used to HATE wreaths too. Now I am obsessed.

    This wreath will be featured this week at Creative Juice!

    Thanks so much for linking up...


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