Tuesday, March 15, 2011

discount opportunity & a peek at our nursery art

I have been feeling like my Etsy shop is on the edge of being bigger...but I'm kinda stuck in a rut.


So I'm sharing with you, all of my faithful followers, my newest idea to express my creative endeavors with you, and at the same time give you a leg up on other shoppers! :) All you have to do...is become a fan on Facebook!

On my Facebook fanpage I will be introducing a new album called 'Sneak Peeks'...this album will feature brand-spankin'-new creations before they are available in my Etsy store...AND you'll receive an exclusive discount!

It may be one item at a time or several, and the discounts may vary; it's all part of the fun! So if you are interested, head on over here and fan me...the album (and discounts!) will be available very soon!

We're still hard at work on Colston's nursery! I wanted something special in his room, so I came up with the idea of giving our closest family & friends an 8x10 canvas, and paint in coordinating colors to let them create their own artwork...James & I will be creating a collage of all the canvases to hang in the nursery...ten total. Here's a sneak peek at the ones we completed this weekend...stay tuned for the Nursery Reveal!


  1. OMG...I can only see a little bit but from the outlines I can tell they are AWESOME! I didnt know the hubs was a talented artist too. lol

    I cant wait to see the nursery...we are both working on one but thankfully your the one having the baby. Im done! hahahaha


  2. Looks cute! Are you doing a jungle theme? I did a jungle themed baby shower for my sil awhile ago. Come check out the post I did about it. I'm a new follower by the way.


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