Monday, January 3, 2011

What is the etiquette for tutorials???

Well y'all...tonight I have a question for you. What exactly is the proper etiquette when it comes to tutorials, and using them? I realize they are posted for the purpose of sharing an awesome creation with the blog world, so that we may partake in the awesomeness as well :)


I have also read and received conflicting opinions as to using someone's tutorial to create a similar item to sell (such as in your Etsy shop)...

What is YOUR take? Your opinion? Is there an unwritten rule? Or a written one I missed (haha)? Give me your thoughts below...


  1. I have seen people post tutorials and ask people not to sell any products made by using the tutorial. There are so many products on Etsy that are so similar though that it's hard to tell if an idea was copied or were just created by similar minded people.

    I guess my feelings are unless stated, it's free game to sell an item created using a tutorial. I would think that if someone is trying to sell that product themselves they probably wouldn't offer a how-to. If they aren't, they probably don't care if you try to sell it.

  2. Thanks, Nichole! I appreciate your insight. You're right, there are so many things that are similar it makes it hard to tell and mainly, since I'm new to the blogging world and tutorials...I don't want to mess up! :)

  3. yeah totally agree with Nicole. Usually people will say something along the lines as 'feel free to reproduce as gifts but credit the maker anddont sell what you make etc etc. hope this helps!

  4. Yes, I've seen a few that do say that, and then many don't say anything like it in each tutorial so I assume that means they aren't off limits.

  5. Make sure to check the actual blog page, too, though, as some blogs will just post a creative commons copyright license (like Craftaholics Anonymous) that covers ALL content on the blog - written, photos, tutorials, etc. Just cover your bases. Although I would think that if the items are similar, but not the same you're safe. And if worse comes to worst, and you are contacted by an upset tutorial creator, you can just take the items out of your shop, you know?

    by the way, thanks for the comment on my enchilada casserole post! It's so easy and delish! And congrats on your first kiddo to be!

    (cute blog. Following!)

  6. In this world of TMI (Too much of information) I guess you just cant stop somebody from using your idea or tutorial (why post it in the first place if you dont want people to try it? ;)
    I recall a college joke where a classmate of mine when asked about his group mate copying his patterns said "even if he uses my patterns it will still be a variation"..(hinting that the other guy is quite a dimwit) but I guess that sums it up...everybody's original ideas have been inspired by something or the other


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