Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion

Okay, y'all! Time for a little shameless promoting of my shop...something I'm not usually very good with (and still may not be)...and something I have seen a few other bloggers say is difficult for them as well!

I opened my shop in August with the intent of focusing on my upcycled & recycled has taken some time to get enough projects complete and photographed and up...but I'm proud of my work thus far! However...I haven't done much in the way of promoting because I'm just not sure how! Plus, I hate to bombard people...I feel like it can turn people off..."oh look at her, thinking I want to buy her stuff...nuh-uh!" :) hehehe

But I was encouraged by my second sale yesterday, and decided to post a special on my fanpage...I didn't intend to blog about it many of you have been so nice and encouraging of all my projects (personal and Etsy) that I wanted to extend it to y'all as well! So...15% off of any purchase in my shop, between now and Friday...just visit my fanpage for the code.

If you'd like to take advantage, head on over to my shop...

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  1. Go ahead a promote yourself girl...cause Im about to do it too! Working on a post featuring my bowl and want to share your talent with some of my readers too! I'll be blog,FB, and Etsy stalking for some photos for the post. I'll let you know when it's done. XOXOXOXOXO


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