Monday, January 10, 2011


I live in Upstate South Carolina...and for those of you who aren't familiar...the mere suggestion of even an inch of snow is enough to slam the grocery stores and shut down schools before the first flake is spotted. I always love snow, but we never get much (2 inches? Blizzard here, folks) and it's not usually "pretty"'s mostly ice and not much fun. I think we've had more ice storms in my life than true, plain old snow.

But today.....

We got SNOW!!! At least 7 inches of it, according to my front yard at least :) ...and I am so
excited!!! It is soft, powdery, and gorgeous! My littlest dog, Tigger (who thinks he is the biggest), usually is a bit of a priss when it comes to weather. He's not fond of going out in the rain, the cold, the wind...anything short of a perfect spring day, basically! So I wasn't too sure how he was going to like this. Especially since 7 inches is probably about the length of his legs...

So we sat him down to see how he reacted...pretty calm it seemed. Wasn't sure how to he hopped...a lot...and's like he went crazy! He ran, he jumped, he barked, he played with our other dogs (I have 5)...and by the time is was all over he looked like this:

Poor guy! He had so much fun! He got a nice warm bath and I think it's the first one he actually enjoyed! Next up I decided to try out a 'stuffed pizza roll' recipe I comes from this super cool blog I discovered this week, and I just love her recipes! This is the 2nd of hers I've tried this week and both were divine! You can find the pizza one here:

I didn't have pepperoni like I thought, so they ended up being cheese only...but so yummy! If you try these, I highly recommend 2 batches, and stuff stuff stuff with cheese! I thought I did too much and it could have held much more! :) Here's what mine looked like out of the oven:

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday! I'm working on a somewhat-tutorial of an upcycled mirror I'm making...being snowed in, hopefully I can have it done this evening to share with you! (I've never done a tutorial...this should be interesting)


  1. Enjoy your snow :o)

    Thanks for sharing the link to that blog. I always love finding new recipes!

  2. Oh, how fun :) I wish I could send our snow... Actually, the snow I can live with, it's the temperatures that drive me CRAZY!!

    As for the white chicken chili, it really wasn't spicy at all. I don't get the canned jalepenos or anything, just the plain old chiles, and I get the walmart brand, which probably makes a difference - they're probably more bland! :) I don't think it would throw the taste too much, but what you should REALLY leave out if you're nervous is the black pepper and the cayenne.

    Your pizza rolls look yummy! Will have to try them.


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