Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my first linky feature!

Even though I started this blog some time ago, I knew *nothing*...not that I know a lot now, mind you! But I knew nothing of labels or tags for posts; how to add or use 'buttons'; how to add pictures; and linky parties? What the heck was a linky party? Psssh. No clue.

My first linky ever was an Upcycled Awesome and I was so clueless and nervous that I actually emailed Robin and said "I hope I did this right, and I don't get booted" hehehe. When it actually showed up I was pretty pumped.

I finally got brave enough to try buttons after Melanie at Lucky 7 Design did a feature on my blog and crafting...

But *today* I received word from Dominique at Craft Couture that she had featured my necklace as one of her 3 picks from her linky party!!! I am so excited and it just made my day!

So to all you bloggers out there that do these linky parties, and features...please know how much it means to us newbies to get a feature, a shout out, an invitation to a linky party from you in your corner of blogland! Thank you!

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  1. OMG...I love you and your blog! I still cant get the button to work but I will put it up as soon as I can get it to work. I think I just post the pic and use the url and try it that way. I feel bad not having my girl on my page!


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