Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Wreath

Hey, y'all!

Any of y'all still hanging 'round here? I realize I'm MIA. My apologies. Life. What else can I say?

So, my wreath obsession continues. You know, like this or this? Mmmhmmm. A friend saw a lovely Halloween wreath on Pinterest and said, hey friend, I'll pay good money for you to make me this. So I said, well, gee, okay. You talked me into it.

I really, really love tulle wreaths. Like...a lot.

I do not like the time it takes to put nearly 3 rolls of tulle on said wreath. The black flowers (as well as the spider) came from Dollar Tree! What a steal!

I added the purple centers. Then the spider got glitter-fied because I needed him to really pop.

Friend loves it; I'm kinda loving it too. Maybe time to make another?

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