Monday, September 26, 2011

Monogram Wreaths

Hey y'all!

Have you noticed I'm on a wee bit of a wreath bender? It's like I can't control myself! I was a self-proclaimed wreath-hater when I was younger. I've mentioned it before, I think, how my mom was always making wreaths and I thought...ugh. Why? Yeah. I'm eating my words now! (you're welcome, Mom!)

So I was browsing Pinterest and found lots of awesome ideas and inspiration. I decided to make "monogram" wreaths for myself and one for my mom, too!

First, let me apologize--the colors aren't quite showing up as true or pretty as I had hoped. No matter the light, editing, position, etc., it just wasn't working! So here is the wreath for my mom. It's wrapped in turquoise felt, and the ruffles are also felt, in brown, yellow, orange and taupe.

I really love the 'P' on this wreath. I wanted the 'M' like this for mine, but there weren't any left...and I'm not exactly one to wait around :) So the P was painted in a chocolate color to match the felt, and then I dotted some orange and yellow polka dots on it before finishing it with varnish.

And here is mine! Same base, fabric, colors, etc. although I like the placement of my "ruffles" a little better.

The 'M' was painted in the same brown and then I used a giraffe-pattern stencil to add orange as well. I have to say, the varnish really "makes" the letters. The colors pop more and a little shine is never a bad thing, right?

Be sure to stop by through the next week! I have one more wreath to share, inspired by...peacocks! And, a couple of super cute Halloween crafts perfect for doing with your kiddos!


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