Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm an ar-teeeeest!

Hey, y'all!

Have you ever heard of Sips n Strokes? It's BYOB, you sip wine and paint a portrait. I couldn't partake in the wine but I did get to paint! It was a Halloween themed evening, a witch.

I went with a girlfriend, Erin, and here I am starting the outline for my witchy witch!

I loved looking around as the paintings took shape. Each person saw their witch a little differently, and some varied greatly.
(of course, that could have been the alcohol heehee)

Here I am with my finished witch! I skipped some of the ending details, such as all of the white...I liked it, but class went over by about 30 minutes as it was, and I was ready to get home and see my munchkin!

Here's Miss Erin with her witch!

I enjoyed the evening, although it's frustrating that the time went over. You arrive approximately 30 minutes before the start of class to get settled, it was scheduled 7-9....I didn't get home until 10:30!
Maybe this week's trip will be better; my sister-in-law is in town for a few days and she and I are going to paint "Hotlanta"--the Atlanta skyline.


  1. You paint?!
    You are so freaking good at it! I seriously can't envision anything. I need a clear tutorial in front of me with anything I make.
    Really...that is an awesome piece!

  2. Dude your painting is awesome! That sounds like so much fun, I wish we had one of those here. :)


  3. What a fun thing to do! Yours looks great!

  4. Wow, you guys did amazing witches! Sounds like a great evening. I wish there was something like that in my area, though I think everyone would have to be drunk to think my painting was okay - lol!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine


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