Sunday, October 16, 2011

bloggy love!

Hey y'all!

Today Brittany of Crafty Mischief by Brittany awarded me with the Versatile Blogger award!

Thank you, Brittany!!!

I was going to video myself doing a happy dance but I figured y'all couldn't handle all that awesomeness in one blog post. So instead you get this:

In place of following the "rules" of this, I'd like to give a shout out to some of my favorite bloggers who I stalk follow religiously.


  1. Wow! I feel like a rock star for being included in a list with all those blogs! Thanks!

    And good for you for altering the blog award rules. There's something so liberating and all growed up in doing your own thing. :) And now I'm excited to check out the blogs you listed that I don't read...

  2. Your little man doing the happy dance is hilarious! Thanks for introducing me to a bunch of blogs I hadn't seen before. Have a great day! :)

  3. I know Im so late on this...I was MIA but I back and I will be stalking you again!

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