Monday, October 3, 2011

gift swap!

Hey y'all!

If you've spent much time 'round here, you know that since Baby C was born I've not had nearly the time to blog as I'd like...which means I haven't been able to comment as much either. But one of the blogs I follow regularly--and have for some time--is Sam @ The Junk House. So last night I'm plowing through my reader, trying to 'mark as read' the 1,234,567,987 unread posts from Craft Gossip when I saw Sam's post about a Christmas gift swap over at Lakota's blog, Faith Hope and Charity Shopping.

Sign up is open through October 10th, and it does not matter where you live! Do you hear me, Canada? :)

(I always feel bad when I find things "open to US residents only")

I can't WAIT to find out who my partner is. When I start my shopping, I'll be looking for 3-5 items that meet the following:

-spend no more than ~19 U.S. dollars (or your local equivalent)
-1 handmade item (by myself or someone else, doesn't matter which)
-1 Christmas decoration
-1 item from a thrift store/garage sale/etc.

Like I need an excuse to shop any where, any time, but I *have* to hit up thrift stores?

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