Friday, February 4, 2011

Shoe Love

When I saw the post on Wildflowers & Whimsy about a shoe love linky party I immediately bookmarked the post to be sure and join in! I have such a love affair with shoes...particularly heels. I remember watching (and loving) Dirty Dancing, and my mother had a pair of shoes that looked almost identical to the one's Baby wore in her 'final dance'. Mom's were navy, but the style, heel height, even the t-strap were so similar...that in my little-girl mind, these WERE those shoes. I walked, ran, and danced in heels from the time I can remember. I probably walked better in heels before I did out of them.

(image found here)

So let me introduce you to some of my favorite shoes in my arsenal. It was way too difficult to narrow this down, because I have more pairs of shoes than I'm willing to admit to you :) This first pair I bought of my BFF for $10...I can't remember the brand, but they came from Off Broadway Shoes, which I *love*. They're a gorgeous emerald green, with a faux-croc look and a velvet bow...I wore them for some pictures I had made for the hubby a couple years ago.

This pair reminded me of wingtips and men's suits. I purchased them when I was teaching pre-school for the annual art show the school had, and built an entire outfit around just the shoe. (I told you, I'm obsessed) The brand eludes me again, but they came from Shoe Carnival.

In this picture, the pair on the right belong to moi. They are Say What and again...bought for a rehearsal dinner for my cousin's wedding and built an outfit around them. I know, I know. The pair on the left belong to my equally-shoe-obsessed sister-in-law and are Steve Madden.

This is another pair from Off Broadway Shoes...I love that place. The brand is Michael. I was attending Shannon's graduation from MUSC, and my dress was this wild black and white print...I thought I needed a punch of color. They had them in a divine royal blue as well...*sigh*

If I have a weakness within my's for two brands...and this is one of them. Jessica Simpson. I don't know if she truly has a hand in designing her line of shoes and bags, but whoever it is...It's like they're in my head. My parents got me these fabulous patent polka dot peep-toes for my 25th birthday. *love*

Another pair of Jessica Simpson's. I love everything from the platform to the 4 inch heel to the pointy the fact that they were less than $30 at TJMaxx. Score!

I purchased the next pair on a whim, thinking "no way I should buy these for myself, they cost too much, I don't have any reason to" etc. etc. But once I got them home on my feet and started putting them with a pair of my fave dark wash jeans...oh dear. Zero buyer's remorse. Nothing but love ;) Vera Wang from Kohl's.

And last but not least...the other brand name I have a major weakness for? Michael Kors. I spotted these one day in Belk and they spoke to me. Promise. Okay, not really, but I had to try them on...and then I proceeded to check the price (yowza)...the name (Lolita)...and call my mom and beg for them for Christmas. Hey don't judge! It's shoes, I'm not too proud to beg! :)

Do you have shoe favorites? A style favorite? How about a brand? I could do another entire post just on my casual shoes, flats, and flip flops! I wonder if there's a Shoe-aholics Anonymous. I need it!


  1. Okay I have heard about your blog several times as I was going through the linky party links as design on a dime's blog. When I got here you had posted about my one true love (well sorta) SHOES! so now I know it was meant to be for me to follow you!!!!
    let me know if you find that shoeaholics anon.....I'm thinking I might need a meeting or two....

  2. Thanks for linking up! I LOVE THE POLKA DOTS! how long have you been 25 it too late for me to get a pair of those babies? And jessica my favorite! Her shoes are hot and comfy...I have no problem suffering for hot shoes...but when you don't have to it's sooooo much better!

  3. I am a new follower from Monday swap. I also gave you a shout out on my blog.

  4. OMG...I knew we were destined to be BFFs. I love all of your shoes. Im a picky b*tch when it comes to shoes and I loved every freaking pair you showed. I've been so busy but I have to do another shoe party soon.

  5. Featured your awesome polka dot shoes today. Check it out here:


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