Thursday, July 9, 2009

work(s) in progress...

While the hubby is away, I'm trying to be super productive in my crafting...unfortunately I think I've done more laundry and dishes than crafts! lol :) Anyway, I've decided to make a few smaller magazine bowls in certain instead of doing random colors or just newsprint style bowls like I have in the past, I'm going to try to stick to one color. Last night I made an adorable little bowl in greens that turned out super cool! (the camera is dead for now, pics coming!)

My philosophy behind doing this is two-fold: first and foremost, the single color allows it to fit more into someone's home or gift theme; secondly, I'm able to make them smaller which means less hopefully, *more* sales! I've only ever sold 2 of these bowls...They are quite time consuming to make and require lots and lots of glue and Mod Podge and PATIENCE :) I'm also debating making them into small gift baskets--the bowl, a bar of soap, maybe a pair of earrings...we'll see. I'm open to possibilites, so if any of you have ideas, Share!!!

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