Friday, July 24, 2009

many thanks

Those of you who read what I post (and I thank you, as I know it may get boring!) have probably seen that a dear friend of ours recently left for Afghanistan. As a member of Soldiers' Angels, I am no stranger to sending care packages to the sand box, but I've never had to send one to someone as close to me as this. So I decided Etsy was a natural choice in searching for some great deals on items to put into care packages. In the process, I ended up with 3 really great items, from 3 super awesome people! I wanted to give a little shout out to them, as a thank you for being so kind & generous in your offers!

First up is countrymunchkins, who stepped in to offer some yummy suckers at only 50 cents each! Wow! Our friend is a big fan of sour candy, so I ordered some sour apple suckers for his packages :) You can check out country's shop here:

Next up is scrubsfordirtcheap, who generously offered a trade in exchange for an awesome felt checker board! Lightweight & portable, this will be awesome entertainment! You can check out scrubs' shop here:

Last but not least...sygnetcreations. She convo'd me & we ended up chatting via convos for a while, and she shared her blog with me. She comes from a military family and understood completely the challenges we face as friends of a soldier :) She generously offered a trade for a fabulous neck pillow (I chose camo, natch lol) and you can see her shop here:

A special thanks to all of you for your kindess & generosity :)


  1. Awe your so very welcome... I know your friend is very lucky to have you and your husband in his life. My hubby got wind of our transaction and added a few more goodies to his package.. =)
    I want updates and hit me up around Christmas so I can add to that package!

  2. Thanks :) You're the best!


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