Tuesday, July 7, 2009

about me!

I realized not only has it been a while since I blogged (I'm super slack, pardon me), but I've never really told y'all much about me :) So here's some random tangents that may or may not make complete sentences (but do further illustrate 'me' lol) about myself...

I am southern, born and raised in Greenville, SC and live within 5 minutes of both the house I was born in and the one I grew up in. I am married, and I love my hubby with all my heart. He's my rock. Supporter. Confidante. Best friend. I am: stubborn. fiercely loyal. left handed. natural born redhead (yes, I got the temper too). creative. a spaz. a handful (according to numerous friends). my mother compares my energy & talking speed to a whirling dervish (google, friends). sarcastic. an only child that is loved a lot but definitely is not and was not ever a brat. a nerd. former band geek. bookworm. clutterbug. still best friends with perhaps the first 2 friends I ever made in my life (think toddler age). I love: cheese fries. ranch dressing. grapes. Dr. Pepper. pink. the beach. loud music. football. cars. reading. crafting. creating. driving. road trips. Charleston. hearing drums. animals, especially dogs (I have 5). summer nights. thunderstorms. Vera Bradley. pink punky things. taking pictures. God, above all else. I am terrified of: any and all bugs. not much for frogs either. heights. the idea of being pregnant (mucho kudos to every mother out there!). losing someone I love. My pet peeves: too many to list (I'm anal like that). My role models: my grandmother (love you MaMa). my parents (married 41 years and counting).

I could probably go on for days. I hope this paints a vivid picture for you! More to come...

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