Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Homemade Finger Painting with Baby C

Hey, y'all!

So if you've hung around here much, you may remember that I once taught preschool (loved that job!). The private school where I worked had a heavy emphasis on arts and crafts, which was one of my favorite parts of the job (duh!).

I've been so super excited for my son to reach an age where he can really 'do' some arts and crafts. Back in late June, I decided to pick an activity at random and see how he liked it. I used this recipe from Invitation to the Butterfly Ball and created some homemade (kid-safe!) finger paint.

I was so hoping he would dive in and make a lovely, huge, fingerpainted mess...but if you remember the fiasco with his birthday cake, you know better.

Cautiously exploring.

Check that out. ONE fingertip in the paint.

I decided to lay his whole hand into one of the containers and he looked at me like, what the heck lady?!

He did eventually get into it a little more, but he was very particular about dotting a single fingertip at a time. I "helped" him a little, moving his hands around and showing him it was okay to be messy, haha!

He needed a bath after, because it was a bit sticky. I'm not sure if we'll try this one again. The paint has to be stored in the fridge, and I think the texture plus the cold sort of made him more apprehensive. Also, I had to had a great deal more water than in the recipe to get them liquid enough to paint with. 

I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to arts & crafts for kids, what about y'all? I would love more ideas!


  1. That is EXACTLY like my oldest. He has no interest in messes. :)

  2. That looks fun, but I'm sure Ava would be the same way! We tried to give her a bubble bath a couple of weeks ago, and she didn't like the bubbles on her hands, she kept wanting Jake to wash them off :)


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