Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tigger's Big 'Kill'

Some of you may remember Tigger from my blog post about my zoo--I mean--pets.

If not, meet Tigger.

22 pounds of sheer terror--er, terrier.

Tigger has a love affair with toys and all things that can be perceived as such (empty plastic water bottles, socks)...especially if they squeak. He even has his own toy box--a basket just off the living room full of what looks like the de-stuffed carcasses from an epic battle.

The object of his battle?

Must. Remove. Squeaker.

After hours upon hours of cleaning the house, in preparation for both Colston's pending arrival and Stanley Steemer to clean our carpet (God bless my mother-in-law, she's paying lol)...we enter the living room and discover a massacre had taken place.

Tigger=1 Elephant=0


  1. ooh no!! I only come downstairs to find the cats have mutilated the catnip toys and I step right into the catnip pile or the cats are covered in it due to rolling around in it. I dont know what is worse.

  2. Hahaha, that's so funny considering how big of a scaredy-cat he is.

  3. LOL! Such a tough, vicious doggie! Ours likes to pull the guts out of his stuffed toys too. Then he puts them all in a big pile and lies on top 0_o How could anyone not love dogs? :D


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