Sunday, April 24, 2011

do you sketch?

Hey y'all!

With any of your projects...or in the course of your crafty-ness... you sketch?

I am not an "arteest"--I cannot paint or draw or even really stick people aren't even very good!

But the other day, an idea came to me for a new necklace, so I grabbed paper and a pencil and drew a little sketch of what I wanted to make.

Here is the sketch:

And here is the final product:

What do you think? Do you sketch your ideas? Do they turn out the same as you drew them, or completely different?

I'm officially on "bloggy maternity leave", in preparation for my little guy's arrival...he is officially due Saturday the any time now!

There are several great posts scheduled for you to enjoy though, from my real-life BFF Jenn and my bloggy-BFF Melanie.

Please show them lots of love; they both worked super hard putting together posts to help me out while I'm away!

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  1. Since I mostly sew bags or qults I work on the basis of square or rectangles and only do a rough sketch. anything beyond that isn't pretty, haha.


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