Sunday, June 26, 2011

highs & lows

Hey, y'all!

So I decided to whip up a little highs & lows post for my girl Jen's linky par-tay. Do you know her? She's pretty and funny and creative. I stalk love her. Plus, what girl should resist the opportunity to rave about the goodness and rant about the bad? Yeah. That's what I thought. Moving on.


--In 3.5 weeks I will be IOP bound!!! That's Isle of Palms for you non-Southern folk and it is fan-tas-tic! I can't wait to have my pasty pale fair-skinned self in the sand.

--I mailed off 2 dozen of my creations to Cody at Daft Crafts...that's her store and it's opening in just a few more days! I'm so pumped to have my creations in a bricks-and-mortar store. If you're near Independence, MO, go check it out!

--I finally got around to some new projects this week, and got a fab (if I do say so myself) new upcycled wreath listed in my shop!

--I won not 1 but 2 giveaways!!! One from our fabulous hostess-with-tha-mostest Jen and one from her bloggy bud Lesley. Yesss!

--I joined Twitter. Yep. I caved. I have no clue how to use the freakin' junk either so I pity my followers. All 12 of them.


--It's starting to really sink in my MaMa (grandmother) is gone. Tuesday will be 2 weeks. I had somewhat made my peace a while back that she probably wouldn't be with us much longer...but I had so hoped she would get to meet Colston. It just wasn't part of the plan I guess, and that kinda stinks.

--My little man Colston gets his first shots tomorrow. I keep hearing all these dreadful tales about baby's first shots so I'm bracing myself for the worst but hoping for the best...isn't that how it goes?

--In just over 2 weeks I will be 29. That is way too close to 30.

--Even though C (9 weeks old this coming Weds.) is sleeping through the night, his idea of "through the night" and my pre-baby-brain's idea of it=not the same! I have tried 3 different concealers I had in my arsenal to cover the Uncle Fester-like circles I have but to no avail. I'm open to suggestions. OH and it doesn't help the lovely teenager-like breakouts I've had on my jawline since we left the hospital either. It's great.


  1. Holy. Crap. I didn't know you were so crafty! I heart your katherine necklace! And if you ever find a engraved spoon with a J or a D on it to make a necklace like your H necklace, I'm on that like white on rice.

    You have rocked this week with the giveaways, chick! I'm starting on yours this week. I won a giveaway for a Vedette shapewear piece. Take that, muffin top! No need to work out, I'll just suck you in! Who needs to breathe anyway, right?

    I'm sorry again about your Grandmother. Jake's grandmother passed a couple of months ago. Thankfully, Jake's dad was able to get him a short notice plane ticket, and Jake took Ava with him. He left here on Tuesday, came back on Thursday, and his grandmother passed on Friday, early in the morning. I know it stinks that she wasn't able to meet your little one. But she's watching over him, and you too.

    Oh, and officially according to my "birth certificate" I'm 30. 31 in August. But I say that I'm 29, Version 2. After August, it'll be 29, version 3. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    My kids always did fine with shots. I'd do a little bit of Tylenol before the appt for pain, and they'll probably tell you to give him some when you get home. Mine always took a long nap when we got home. Ava cries when they do the shot, and literally 10 seconds later she's not crying anymore.

    Here's hoping for a non-scary appt for him (and you) tomorrow. Thanks for linking up, doll!

  2. OH my gosh your little guy is adorable. I have three little boys and they are so much fun. Shots suck I think I always end up crying more then the baby so just hang in there. It's so hard to loose someone! Just keep trying to smile! Have a great day!

  3. Are you nursing? See if they're open to you nurse him while they give him the shots. It'll help calm him for the actual pain of the shots and stuff. If they aren't open to that...well, *I'd* do it anyway. haha. If not, nurse him before and after. And he might want to nurse a lot after the shots too.

  4. Ok, so just got our power back on since Sunday so am JUST now reading this. Your son is adorable! I hope the shots went well. I think the newborn ones are WAY better than when they're older. Hopefully your little one got over it pretty quickly.

    And I'm sorry about your grandma. That is sad that she didn't get to meet your son.


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