Sunday, December 19, 2010

Something to see...

...I cannot even tell you how obsessed I am with Google Reader. I have so many blogs I follow and each day I look forward to spending some nice quality time catching up on all of the blogs. Some days I get so busy that by the time I settle it to peek at what's new, I end up with 100+ new posts! It's like candy for my eyes, and for my creativity. Love. It. But that's not the purpose of my post here :)

I was paging through posts the other day and stumbled across this fantastic blog that was mentioned in a post...with a super cute name: Little Miss Momma. I immediately loved the blog! Hop on over and check her out here:

While scrolling through her blog, I saw a post about this awesome bag she'd recently received and you can peek at that here: Well, THAT in turn lead me to a sweet little place on Etsy, called Aubrey Plays. Hello, can you say "adorable bags" (and more!)....? After seeing Little Miss Momma with her bag, I decided my little guy due in April needed his diapers carried in I am treating myself to a creation by Aubrey herself and I can't *wait* to receive it. I will have to post some pictures when it arrives, and please check out the embroidery!!!

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