Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Linky Fun: Things you should know about me if we're gonna be BFF...

Sweet Little Miss Momma. Love her blog and would love to meet her. She did this fabulous post and got this ball rolling and I couldn't resist...so here's some things you need to know about me...if we're gonna be BFF *wink*...

--I am an only child. I spent years needling my mom over whether I was adopted because I am the only fair skinned, redheaded, left-handed person we know of. Actually, no one else is redheaded OR left-handed so I'm pretty much odd chick out.

--My mom was a SAHM and she wasn't afraid to let me make a mess and be creative. I think it's 100% the reason I love to be artsy and crafty now...I am all kinds of happy when I can throw myself into a project...

--I'm new to being a "regular blogger" and I have no clue how to do a lot of things. Links, link parties, all these things confuse me, but I'm *really* trying. *smile* I would love to have more followers but I'm super worried that my blog bores people, so I get self-conscious and don't post as much as I would/should.

--I'm envious of people that can sew (more than a straight stitch like me), paint, and sculpt. I just don't have what it takes. (namely, patience)

--I am the worst math student you'll ever find but I could write you an English paper on virtually any subject or novel and ace it. Blindfolded. My nickname growing up was 'Miss English Major' because I was horrible about correcting grammar. And pronunciation. And enunciation.

--I have 5 dogs and a mini-rex bunny rabbit. Their names are Tigger, Bear, Jasper, Doc, White Dog (long story), and Bunny Bunny. If I won the lottery I would buy a huge piece of land and build a massive barn-like structure with heat & AC to house adult doggies with no place to go. They would have their own little "apartments" and friends and lots and lots of love.

--I married my best friend. I didn't realize it at first. I have an awesome girlfriend who has been my BFF since we were toddlers...but my hubby? He is IT.

--Speaking of my BFF, she's also a lefty. We both had glasses forever (God bless contacts) and really long hair...and as a result of having been so close for so long, have lots of the same mannerisms. As a result, people often ask us if we're sisters. We don't really see it :)

--I love Google Reader and think that I could hole up all day reading blogs. I love it. I follow so many of y'all and think, man they are SO creative. Every now and then I get all pumped that I came up with a great idea and realize--oops. Nope. Someone totally beat me to it.

--I really love football. I prefer college, but I watch NFL with my hubby too. Clemson is my favorite college team and I really like the Indianapolis Colts.

--I got to spend two weeks with my hubby in Hawaii (he had to go for work, real bummer right?) and it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I've been in the South my whole life, and really feel my area is super friendly...but Honolulu put us to shame. There was never a single person who wasn't super nice and friendly...and everything was so GREEN. Gorgeous. I want to go back again and again.

--I'm not easily intimidated by people. Not their size, their attitude, doesn't really matter. As a result most people's initial reaction is that I'm stuck up. But you give them a bug to chase me with and I'll run so fast it'll light the ground on fire. NO BUGS.

--I have an obsession with checking the mailbox each day. I love to check the mail, I don't know why.

--I write letters and send packages to soldiers deployed overseas and I have never met a single one in person...but I love them all for what they do for me, and for my country.

--Of all the things that worry me, scare me, freak me out, etc. etc. (and there's a few)...labor & delivery trumps them all. I'm a little over 5 months pregnant for the first time and the thought of an epidural, and labor, and pushing, and spending the night (nights?) in the hospital? It's nearly panic-inducing. I don't know why.

--I'm obsessed with shoes. I have shoes on top of shoes on top of shoes. I cannot say enough about them so I won't try ;-)

--Ranch dressing should be considered it's own food group. I can't live without it.

--My husband is a nerd. But he is MY nerd and I love him.

--I was a 'band nerd' in high school (color guard but hey, the haters didn't discriminate). I loved it. I got the biggest rush from performing in front of all those people.

--I am the most un-athletic person, ever. However, my husband plays basketball (for fun now), my mom used to play tennis, and my dad lettered in track (and played tennis, and football)...so for my future-son's sake, I hope he takes after all of them.

--I really, really love to make lists (can't you tell?).

--My super awesome grandmother, MaMa (like Ma Ma, not momma), started teaching me to drive in a cemetery near her house...when I was about 11. It was hilarious but I was really good. She said if I ever accidentally hit anything (back then, it was mostly trees) she'd say a bee flew in the window and scared her into wrecking.

--My hubby supports me unlike anyone I know. He has sacrificed HIS favorite things (uh, going to football games, hello hehehe) just to take me to a craft show and set up and sit with me. Or take me to Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I adore him.

--I love reading random facts about people (ahem, like this)...and I know as soon as I hit "publish" and go check out everyone else's blog, I'll think of another 50 things I should've said :)


  1. I think that is so awesome you send letters to deployed military!!

    My husband is my BFF too.. more so then my long time girlfriends.. but that is what marriage is about right :)

  2. Thanks for the follow new friend I am now following you as well.. if you have any questions in regards to blogging I am here for ya.. even though I still have LOTS to learn LOL :)

  3. Thanks Melissa!!! I have to figure out the posting pictures thing, mine always get stacked up and every one else has theirs all spread out. It irks me! Hehe.

  4. i loved your list! i'm down to do your math work if you'll do my english, haah.. & glad to see another girl that likes college football, must be a southern girl thing! :]

  5. I love your list! Don't be afraid of the epidural...I just had one 8 weeks ago and it wasn't bad!

  6. Hey, thanks guys! :) Love me some football and hopefully, the epidural will be a breeze (so I keep telling myself anyway haha)...

  7. Your list is great! I'm awful at math! BTW: Boys are a lot of fun! Don't be scared! :) THey can be rough and tough but always love their mamma.

  8. You have more Followers than me if that helps :) I'll follow you now too cause I love your list and the fact that your hubs is a nerd. Mine too :)

  9. I prefer college football too! I kinda of despise the NFL.

  10. oh i love your list, and i too think that ranch dressing should be its own food group!
    I am your newest follower! I started my blog back in Jan. but haven't posted a great deal and didn't have many followers so I am trying to get my numbers up and post a lot more!


  11. LOVE THIS!

    Thanks for linking up at Little Miss Momma! I did too!


  12. Great list! I love that you send letters and packages to soldiers! That is such a sweet thing!

  13. I laughed about 50 times when I read your list! Don't you just love these link ups! I sure do! You've got another follower!

  14. Many thanks y'all for reading my ramblings. I'm a talker. :)

  15. Hey! Thanks for the comment!
    I am such a nerd when it comes to books. I have an account on Goodreads and my wish list has like thousands of books on it, its horrible.. i'll probably never ever read them all.
    I love the idea of the Nook because it has the internet on it and you can read magazines on it and I think it would be cool, but now that i've discovered buying books at Goodwill and book sales I dont think I could do the Nook or Kindle.. Maybe one day though.
    My friend is the same way as us and she gave in and bought one and LOVES it. She still buys regular books but she wouldn't take back buying one.. I know If i bought one I would love it and wouldn't regret it.. its just the finally giving in and buying one.

  16. You are so funny! First off, I'm in GA...and a friend from high school went to Clemson. I'm a Ga Tech fan, myself, plus I'll cheer for Auburn, Tennessee and Florida. Pretty much anyone playing UGA I'll cheer for. :)
    I was also in the color guard...hello fellow band geek!
    Your list could have been written by me, for the most part. EXCEPT that I'm 10 years older than you and have gone through the labor/delivery/epidural stuff 3 times already. Let me tell you, the epidural ROCKS. It makes the whole thing so fantastic for you, your husband and everyone around you. We were chatting and joking with our nurses the whole time. My nurses rocked for all 3. You'll be fine- don't stress about it. Just know how special it is and SLEEP while you're in the hospital. :)
    So good of you to stop by my little blog. I'm a complete newbie to blogging and you're an expert in my book! I'll be following you!

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Kristin: I could talk books all day. I tend to stick to similar types (mystery, suspense, true crime), but find when I do venture out of my niche, I enjoy a lot of others as well. And I'm subscribed to like...10 magazines or something.

    Stacy: THANK YOU :) I loved color guard and really wasn't THAT phased by the "band nerd" thing but...people still go "OHHH" in some sort of knowing voice when I mention it. Thanks for the comforting words on the epidural! I am trying super hard to manifest calm lol :)

  18. Loved your list.

    You may not want to read my list "Miss English Major" because it may throw you into a panic ;o)

    My students mailed packages to soldiers throughout the school year last year for a project. One of my favorite projects ever.

    Merry Christmas!

  19. I love your dog idea!!! I would do the same thing!

    I was also a "band nerd" :)

  20. Loved reading your list! I was so terrified of labor and delivery. And I think more terrified of what my body was going to go through the days after delivery. My husband and I took the classes at the hospital the month before having the baby and after each class I was even more scared about having the baby. We would silently drive home and I would tell him that I've changed my mind about having kids! In the end it wasn't as bad as I had hyped it up to. The contraction pain was so bad I didn't care if they had to saw me in half for it to go away, so a 'little' needle in the back was nothing. They numb it before hand so it really isn't that bad, plus it makes most of the pain go away so it is well worth any unpleasentness it brings along!!! You will do just fine and you little bundle will bring pure happiness that will help you forget about all the yuckiness. (Ok so you will probably never be my friend because I can't spell worth a darn, my grammer is HORRIBLE, and some of my words probably aren't real words at all, but you seem like a very nice, genuine person.)

    ***And off my soap box I go***

  21. Thanks for visiting (and commenting) me back :o)

    I'm a special ed teaching assistant. We do things a little differently at my school though and I actually have my own classes that I plan for and teach (small groups of 1-4 students).

    Have a good night!

  22. Bless you, of ALL the pictures there are of us in our 28 years of friendship, you use THIS one? I mean, there's a picture of me with a BRA on my HEAD (a la Weird Science) for cripes sakes! LOL--just kidding, thanks for the love :)


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