Monday, December 6, 2010

New Bobby Pins!!!

I hate to toot my own horn...but I am so in love with my newest creation. I realize that rosettes have been all the rage in the handmade world for a while now. Many fellow Etsy-ians are much more talented than I when it comes to fashioning them into some lovely piece of art. But this week, I sat down and learned how to make them for myself, and thought, what better way to keep to my new shop's theme (upcycled/recycled), than to use my stash of men's ties!!! I've been hoarding ties for a while now. A Miracle Hill close by had a special on them last year, only $1 each!!! I was a regular :) So I dug through my tote and selected a few that I thought would be interesting twisted into a little flower. I managed to make 8 of these little beauties in the last couple of days, and am proud to have gotten them all listed in my second Etsy shop today. Please take a peek at them here and tell me what you think:

Also, I wanted to share some of my favorite rosette finds from Etsy today!

Gorgeous satin necklace, perfect for the holidays! From BellaFleur1:

Elegant Black & White Bib necklace from cuzzi83:

Beautiful brooch featuring a skull! So original! From LyBly:


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