Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a few of my favorites...

So when I joined Etsy in March, I had no idea about the chat rooms or forums. I barely knew enough to tag my items and it took a couple weeks to figure out that relisting really helps :) Once I discovered the chat rooms, I was able to branch out, meet a lot of fun people and discover tons of new stuff...shops, people, ideas, art forms, you name it. I wanted to take a moment to highlight some people I have met, and who are great at what they do as well as super nice people.

The first person I 'met' was in the forums, and it didn't take me long to realize why she's made it on Etsy for so long. A super nice chick who always had a kind word and offered me tons of advice, her name is HempLady4u. I can testify to the awesome-ness of her work, as I have a couple pieces myself! You can check out her store here: HempLady4u.etsy.com

I happened to be in an FS chat one night, and ran across a chick I call...Nic :) She makes awesome gift tags, greeting cards, invitations, you name it...It didn't take long for me to enlist her help with some packaging for my soap & scrubs, and through the course of that, we became friends...You can check out Nic's store here: ambientgirldesigns.etsy.com

I was looking for some awesome crocheted items to package with my soap for an upcoming craft fair, and at a super-low price. I received lots of great offers, but just couldn't find anything in my price range. HempLady suggested someone she new, and I quickly accepted an offer from LaneesCrochet. I must tell you, she does awesome, quality work and is a pleasure to work with. You can check out her store here: LaneesCrochet.etsy.com

Once again, this guy is a find...I ran across him in an FS chat, and just fell in love with his store. He has the coolest green crafts, and at super reasonable prices. I have ordered from him, and recently worked with him on a custom order as well...I can tell you, he's hands down one of the nicest people you can meet! The crazy crayons are a personal fave :) You can check out his store here: Ryanplz.etsy.com

This is just a tiny list of several people I've encountered...I'll add more soon...But I really wanted to shine a light on this awesome Etsians...so take a look and shop!!!


  1. wow girl thanks so much for the mention here on your blog.. i feel so honored to be mentioned along with alot of my fellow etsians.. makes a girl feel very loved im telling you.
    you know how to find me.

  2. Hey hun thanks so much for the mention! Hope you get your stuff sooooooooooon!!!! So excited for your craft fair coming up!


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