Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can a shop survive on earrings alone???

That is the question I am pondering this afternoon. What would happen if my shop consisted of ONLY earrings??? I love earrings. I love them for me, I love them for others, I love making them. That's primarily what is in my shop right now, aside from my soap. So I have to wonder...would the shop thrive on earrings alone? Not that it is booming right now, mind you...but hypothetically...

I have lots of buttons waiting to be made into earrings and/or rings, and I can't wait to see how they turn out...but the more of those I make, the more they overtake my shop...is that bad? I mean, I AM beadsbuttons(AND)bubbles lol...I've just been concentrating on bubbles in the past more so than beads & buttons...and since bubbles aren't paying the ol' Etsy bill, maybe beads & buttons will? We shall see.

I also need a new outlet for finding buttons. I don't usually get into the vintage stuff too much, because I like being able to keep my things affordable and fun; the vintage can get really pricey...but if any of you dear readers know of a nice Etsian or site with reasonable, fun buttons...By all means, let me know :) I'll tell them you sent me, ha!


  1. That is the question, isn't it...for us all...maybe a different product but the same questions remain. Unfortunately, I would be starving if my shop was my living. Luckily, I am not dependent on it. I think I give away as much as I sell...LOL But I enjoy my shop and the people here trememdously.

  2. Hello!
    I think mostly earrings would do just fine... in fact I've noticed that successful etsians generally have the same sort of item in their shop in different colors, etc. Unfortunately, I will never be one to those- I do everything! :/ I understand too- the button obsession. I was thinking; why not post up a want add on craigslist and or freecycle? also- I know ebay always has vintage on there... ?


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