Sunday, June 7, 2009

Craft Fair Wrap-up

So, the craft fair was not a success. I didn't do very well, people were looking but just not buying. I feel like so many people are anti-glycerin soap, but I don't know WHY...It's giving me a complex. I *did* sell 2 pairs of earrings (Nemo & the gold leaves)...the earrings were something people really looked at, and everyone seemed to love the button rings, but none of those sold either. The scrubbies I got from Lanee's Crochet were a hit, I ended up selling some to a lady for her daughters even though she didn't buy soap...but I didn't make any profit from it...I know that the exposure and experience is always good, I know it never hurts to have a dozen new people see your items...but it still costs money to do these things, and I busted my butt for weeks getting lots of fresh, fun new stuff to sell...and I didn't reap the rewards. I am disappointed. This was my...(I'm counting, hold on)...5th craft fair? Yes, fifth...and I've never, ever done well at any of them...what gives?


  1. Oh I am sorry you did not do well. You know if I was going to spend money I did not have, I would bet on the jewelry before the soap. That is just is always fun. :)

    I am sure all your soaps are adorable, but... now you asked me what gives...for me personally...I like soaps that really smell good. Are there scents in your glycerine ones, because I have never noticed aromas in any of mine that I have gotten usually as gifts. :)

  2. readingsully2, thanks for the input! I started out with jewelry and drifted away from it, because I don't really enjoy making anything other than earrings; plus, my best friend does jewelry & I don't want us to be competing lol (we do a lot of shows together).

    As for my soap, yes, it is highly scented. I use--almost exclusively--pure essential oils to scent them. So they are not overwhelming, but you don't have to search for the scent--does that make sense? :)


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