Thursday, February 23, 2012

small space move, part IV

 Hey y'all!

My mom sent me a picture of the addition to the house...the siding is up on the outside, so the room is officially done! Well, save for me staining the concrete on the inside.

Just to recap, here's how the "room" started--single carport.

Siding removed, concrete poured inside for floor; outside for parking pad.

Walls and windows added...

And now we have siding! Pretty cool, I think! 

I love that I have so many windows facing the street. I have grand plans of finally being able to have our Christmas tree visible to passers-by, something we've never been able to do in our current home. It is L-shaped, and the street-facing windows are over the kitchen sink, and over our bed.

If you'd like to catch up on our move, you can visit here:


  1. Looks great! How exciting. :)


  2. Our last house was on a pretty busy street (one of the reasons we moved out of it, actually,) but the second I saw it's big front window I thought, "Christmas tree for all to see!!!" :)

    It's looking great!


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