Thursday, February 2, 2012

Small-space move, part deux

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Hey, y'all!

Things are moving right along, quickly, for our move to my grandmother's house. I wanted to share more of our progress with you today. In keeping with the original homes on the street (originally built in the late 40's, early 50's), my dad decided to close in the carport. My grandmother's home is one of the few remaining that haven't yet done this...'til now!

Here is the carport, with the area marked for the concrete to be poured. The area will be closed in for a room, and then a parking area added.

On Monday, my dad's concrete guy (Daddy used to build houses, among other things), Israel, came to pour the concrete. This picture makes me giggle, it looks like the truck is going to demolish the house!

Here is the parking area. Originally (see picture above), there was going to be a space for just one car. But daddy ended up having bought extra ("just in case"), and it was enough to lengthen the parking pad. The driveway as it were, was quite short. So this will allow James & I to park our cars here, and leave room for two cars in the driveway when we have company over.

I specifically requested the floor of the room being added to be concrete. I knew right away I wanted to use the area for the dog kennels in the winter, and for crafting. I also knew I wanted to stain the concrete; I love the way that looks! So Israel poured concrete for our room, and stamped it with a concrete stamp to make it look like bricks.

Here you can see the poured concrete areas, as well as the siding removed. Next week construction on the walls, insulation, and electrical for the room will begin. The two windows you see will be walled up (in?), and the area in the middle was where the wall AC unit was. It will become a door so we can access the room from the house. The area to the left of the left-side window opens to the back yard right now; it will be a door also, so we can enter the room from outside with the dogs if we need to.

I can't believe how quickly it is all coming this rate, we will be moving in by the beginning of March! Yikes!


  1. Awesome!! We are going to be buying hubby's grandmas house here shortly. I am not a total fan of the house but its in great condition, i just hate the kitchen and some other things about it. I need to come up with a plan to make those rooms into something that I will like. I doubt it will be our "forever" home but I would like to live there for a little while and want it to be what I like.

  2. That is so fun! Love the print of the bricks!


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