Thursday, February 9, 2012

small space move, part 3

Hey, y'all!

Just dropping by with a quick update on our move! The addition is coming along super-fast! Sheetrock is going up tomorrow.

Here's a quick outside view:

Annnnd, now we have walls framed in! (Up? Whatever.)

I love all the bright, natural light! 

Now I'm off to make plans for the hubs birthday...he's turning 30 Saturday!


  1. Wow! Major progress!!! Happy birthday to the hubby. Mine is on Tuesday so I wish my fellow Aquarian a very happy birthday :)

  2. It's all coming along so well and so fast!! Can't wait to see more pictures of it all!

  3. It's really coming along! I'm so excited for you! Have fun celebrating your hubby's 30 years. :)


  4. I can't believe how fast they put up that addition! The extra space is going to be SO nice!


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