Monday, December 5, 2011

photo challenge, part tres

Hey, y'all!

For Lesley's photo challenge this week, we were supposed to cover items 11-15...I got 'em all!

*does a little happy dance*

-Something Old-

When I was 4 my parents built a new house and we moved in February. They let me pick out everything for my new room--colors, wallpaper, bed (white with pink bedding and canopy, WHAT?!)...These are 3 ornaments left from my very own little tree I had in my room at Christmas. Please note the cat. I hate cats. Moving on.


The hubs is a software developer. His hands provide for our family, put food on the table, and that allows me to stay home with our son. Those are some awesome, powerful hands :)

-Written Word-

We are HUGE Clemson fans. On Saturday, Clemson won the ACC championship game for the first time in a LONG time. Now they're off to the Orange Bowl in Miami. This is exciting stuff in this house, guys.


My BFF's dad puts up a ri-donk-culous Christmas display at his home each year. It involves lots of generators and not being able to use the microwave (it throws the breakers y'all, I microwaved a cup of coffee one year and shut the WHOLE yard down. Oops.) I snapped this as we were driving by...and this isn't even finished yet!


Man, is that a pretty picture of me or what?! Hubs had to get an iPad for work and I was playing around with the photo booth thingie. I think 'cyclops' is a becoming look for me. *side eye*


  1. You're so much fun!
    I do the cyclops look a lot, too ( on the kids' #DS )! I somehow think I'd make a really hot cyclops, though.

  2. I'm so geeked that my parents' house made your blog. Is that weird?


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