Monday, December 12, 2011

photo challenge, part 2+2

Hey, y'all!

It's photo fun time again...and I'm cheating! Baby C had surgery Thursday, and we're having a rough go of it right now.

We'll kick it off with "Seasonal"--a pic of our tree with one of those funky iPad settings. I like.

"Memories"...a picture of a picture. This is the hubs and me at our church's recognition for high school seniors...Class of 2000 :) Oh, and that's my mother-in-law in red.

"Best Friend"--me and The BFF. Since we were like...four. Or something.
We are wearing viking hats. 'Cause we're too cool for crowns.
*side eye*

"Animals"--One of our five pooches, Tigger. AKA, Tig, Tig-Tig, Tig Vicious...yeah. You get it.


  1. Awww Tig Vicious! I love it!
    PS....I totally took all my photos last minute. As in...2 minutes before I wrote the post. :o)
    So, can you email me and tell me what's happening with the babe?

  2. good pics! I hope the baby's ok! And you too!!!

  3. Oh I love that nose shot of your pup. I kept trying to get one of those (tried both dogs) but nobody would cooperate. I did get a couple of gooey noseprints on the lens, but that was it, lol. Nice pics.


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