Wednesday, November 30, 2011

photo challenge, part deux

Hey, y'all!

This week for the photo challenge over at Lesley's place, Fabulously Flawed, we were supposed to capture items 6-10...books, something funny, favorite color, inspiring person, nature.

Unfortunately, between lots of doctor's appointments, shots, and a crazy teething baby, I only have two offerings for you today!

This is my "inspiring person"--my grandmother, MaMa, who passed away in June. I think about her all of the time, and especially now having Colston, I wish she were here to talk to. Thanksgiving marked the first major holiday I've ever had without her. Tomorrow, December 1, she would have been 91 years young. I snapped a shot of something another inspiring person sent me--our hostess with da-mostess, Lesley! After MaMa passed, Lesley sweetly made this key ring for me with a picture of my grandmother and me. I carry it with me. I think it's pretty awesome that someone like Lesley, whom I've never met in person or even heard her voice, cared enough to do something so kind.

As for my something funny, well...had to include my baby! No really--it is funny. We decided to try baby-led weaning instead of more traditional purees with the introduction of solids. Carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli--all got a "meh" from Colston.

Green beans? Yum, Momma!

If you haven't joined us in our photo fun, it's not too late! Come on over, y'all!


  1. You are the sweetest person ever. Really.
    Thank you for linking up, sweetie. You's ever so nice.

  2. Such a sweet keychain. Happy Bday MaMa...I know you are proud of LP and the new mama she is too.

    Love the pic of Colston...gotta say I don't miss those introducing vegetable to baby days.

    Spend tomorrow thinking of all the great times you had with your MaMa and know that she is looking down on you and smiling watching your with your baby Colston.

    Lucky 7 Design

  3. hi! that picture is funny!
    and the contrast, the photo key chain so touching.
    thanks for playing too!

  4. Aww that picture of your son is too cute! Thanks for commenting on my picture. I'm now following your blog. :)


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