Tuesday, August 30, 2011

is anybody out there???

Hey, y'all!

I promise, I'm still around...really! I can't believe I've let 17 days pass without a single post! I miss blogging...and crafting...and sleeping! Ohhhh sleep. How I miss you. *sigh*

By now, I wouldn't be surprised if y'all thought I disappeared, or quit blogging...or I could be totally wrong and no one could miss me at all! Regardless...I have a question for all my fellow moms out there:


I feel as though I'm barely keeping my head above water...I'm just treading, treading, not actually making progress and it's not long before I'll be sinking! Baby C is nearly 5 months old and I haven't slept more than 4 hours at a time since he arrived. We weren't able to breastfeed so now I'm strictly pumping which means I can only really stretch it out to 4 hours at night...so I usually get 2, almost-four-hour-stretches each night and that's it! Any other pumping mamas out there? Help? Suggestions? Tips? Wine? HA.

Seriously though, aside from that...during the day, between the time Baby C demands of me (rightly so) and the demands of keeping up with the house (which I'm barely doing), I never have time for anything.

No crafting.
No blogging.
No brainstorming.

It makes me sad! Not only that, but I feel as though I've lost a lot of connections with people, since I don't leave the house much. Surely I am not the only mama feeling this way?

On the plus side, we did get a re-do of our vacation. We spent a week in the Isle of Palms and it was...well, it was "good". I won't say great, because frankly, Baby C was just not ready for a trip I don't think. So that was stressful. But he seemed enthralled with the ocean, and didn't mind the sand! I hope to get a few pictures of that up soon. Here's one for you until then...

Yes, I am in fact THAT pale. No, a week of sand and sun did not help anything. I don't tan...although a few of my freckles have been known to sporadically connect ;)


  1. You are much loved and much missed.
    Go be an awesome mommy and come back when you have 5 seconds to yourself ( which will be in like, what, 8 months? )

  2. OH, you poor thing! I feel like that stage where baby's sort of consume your time is so bittersweet! Of course the time with the baby is fantastic, but it's so hard not to feel frustrated that you have lost something of yourself temporarily! So here's the lamest advice ever...Hang in there! Not helpful, huh? But it will get better. I had to pump for our second son who was in the NICU for an extended time and I feel for you! Pumping is hard! It would seem to me that by 5 months maybe you could stretch things out for at least one cycle at night, but I'm sure you know WAY better than me what your own situation is. I have a 3 week old and am already thinking of the long time stretching ahead of me of interrupted sleep. Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing! :)

    And I know you probably want to blog for your own sanity, but know that those of us who follow your blog will just hang around and wait for ya because we like reading you, even if you take some breaks during crazy stages of life. :)


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