Saturday, August 13, 2011

how time flies!

Today I'm going to a baby shower for one of my oldest friends...oldest as in "friends longest", not as in "she's ancient". *wink

It seems like it hasn't been all that long since we were in kindergarten together. The that would be yours truly on the left, Casie on the right. Aren't we just adorable in our 80's clothes? :)

We grew up together, went to school together, graduated together. Casie got married in 2002 to her high school sweetheart. Here we are with my other BFF, Jenn. GAH. We are TAN. And skinny.

A few years later I wanted to get some professional photos done so her hubby did a few for me since he's a photographer...we did a couple of the token 'BFF photos' too...I can't believe how long my hair was!!!

Then in 2007, it was my turn down the aisle...and there was Casie! I'd like to point out now, she missed her calling as a nurse. Junior year I had my wisdom teeth removed over Christmas break. She stayed at my house for I know at least 4 days straight, and never left my side.

That fall we tailgated together at a Clemson game. This was right around the time she found out she was pregnant! :)

Her baby boy arrived in April of 2008...Here I am with lil boy the day after he arrived! Annnnd my hair was super short by then. Geez.

And as you all know, 3 years later, my lil boy arrived in April as well. Today I'm going to fete the arrival of Casie's sweet girl who will arrive in late September. I can't believe how fast it seems life goes by!

What are your plans this weekend?

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